Encore is a fully integrated solution for super, pension, investment and insurance. We provide a broad range of leading products and professional managers, allowing your adviser to design solutions to meet your retirement, savings and insurance needs.

Encore is built on HUB24’s award-winning investment and superannuation platform. Encore offers broad product choice and an innovative experience for investors.


Broad Product Choice

You and your adviser can select the investment options you need from a broad investment menu that includes managed funds, equities, term deposits and professionally managed portfolios.

Access over 1000 managed funds, ASX listed securities, 200 professionally managed portfolios (Australian and international), international equities on over 14 exchanges, a variety of term deposits from a range of institutions, a choice of margin lending providers, and insurance providers.


Access to professionally managed portfolios

Managed portfolios from HUB24 give you and your adviser access to professionally managed assets within a cost efficient structure.

HUB24 offers a range of managed portfolios that cover a variety of asset classes and investment strategies. These include Australian equities, international equities, active/ index strategies, large cap portfolios, small cap portfolios, A-REITs and listed corporate bonds.

Managed portfolios are flexible and efficient investment structures that provide you with many of the benefits of direct asset ownership, such as:

  • More transparency: you know what products you’re investing in.
  • Cost savings: netting of asset trades within your account can reduce transaction fees.
  • Diversification: access the expertise of professional managers to construct your portfolio.


Tax optimisation tools

At Euroz we understand that optimising your tax outcome is important, therefore, Encore has tools that your adviser can use to provide transparency around your tax outcomes and the information required to help your adviser make decisions including;

  • Ability to estimate and model tax outcomes and CGT impacts
  • Choice of tax management approaches including minimum gain, maximum gain or first in first out approach
  • Optimise tax outcomes through sale of specific assets


Stay connected

With Encore, you can stay connected to your investments. The award-winning InvestorHUB is a dedicated online portal that empowers you to take better control of your finances, making wealth creation a more dynamic and accessible experience.